Chapter Positions


The officers of our chapter are members just like you. They have stepped up to help give the chapter direction. They make sure our regular rides are running smoothly, they welcome new members into our chapter, and they collect feedback from the group to make sure our chapter is heading in a direction that everyone is happy with.

The officers also have special access to the officer's area on the forum website. This allows our chapter to stay informed of what is happening at the provincial and national levels of CMC.

New officers will always be needed as time goes on. Our next officer may be you. Be ready.

First Officer

Craig Heryet

Second Officer

Al Robertson 

Third Officer

Karen White

Fourth Officer

David Delarge

Safety Officer

Our safety officer is in charge of making sure all of our rides remain safe. This will be done through various bulletins on safety matters as well as organizing safety courses for both on the bike and in the classroom. The two biggest obstacles to continued safety are ignorance and complacency. We all need to learn the rules and then keep refreshing that knowledge.

Our current safety officer is Al Robertson

Road Captains

The Road Captain is an individual who has studied the CMC Road Captain’s course and has developed the skill of leading group rides. They are responsible for a given group ride and their primary role is to ensure the safety of the group.

The Road Captain will usually plan the route ahead of time and then ensure that everyone riding in the group is aware of the rules and hand signals that CMC uses. They will also be aware of the different riding abilities of the people in the group. If you are new to motorcycling it is best to stay near the front of the pack so the road captain can help you out if needed.

We can always use more road captains so get over to the national website and watch the Road Captains course. The Road Captain designation is obtained from the Senior Road Captain at his/her discretion.

Ideally, we will have at least two road captains on a ride, one for the lead and one for the tail. If the group ride has a lot of bikes in it, like 12 or more, we may choose to break the group up into two with one road captain leading each smaller group. This makes it easier to get through traffic lights and such.

Craig Heryet

Senior Road Captain

Ian Wells

Al Robertson

Ken Dunley

Mark Norris

Karen White

Ron Andrews

David Delarge